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Viruses waste time and money, and that's just the beginning. Viruses and worms can spread rapidly in email and shared documents, jeopardizing valuable data and in the worst case bringing your business to a halt. Spyware and adware can install themselves on computers and send passwords and other confidential information to outsiders without your knowledge. If you're lucky, the damage will be limited to the time it takes to remove the malicious code from your PCs. And if your employees inadvertently send a virus to business partners, you'll suffer damage to your reputation as well.

Symantec Antivirus

Symantec™ AntiVirus Enterprise Edition is the most effective way to protect companies' network servers, email servers and desktops against viruses and spam. It provides continuous and uninterrupted protection in an easy-to-deploy solution, and it delivers comprehensive protection for Microsoft Exchange servers by automatically removing viruses, blocking spam and filtering email content, thereby, reducing the proliferation of viruses.

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