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Technology Training

The Customer Service Representative (CSR) assigned to your account will contact you within 48 hours of your project being opened at Alliant; to introduce themselves and become your main contact throughout your project.  

The Factory Trained Technician(s), assigned to your project, arrives on site prior to your equipment delivery; to gather programming information for your equipment and complete an extensive site survey to insure no additional infrastructure enhancements are needed to complete the installation. Your equipment is then ordered and delivered to Alliant, where most of the programming is completed at Alliant’s state-of-the-art facility. This proactive programming approach means less downtime for your business as the equipment is being installed.

On the day of installation the technician(s) assigned to your project arrives on site to install your new technology solution and provide any additional on-site programming that might be necessary. The technician then tests all systems and checks all programming to insure that everything is functioning according to your specifications.


Effective implementation and acceptance of any new office system requires a structured, ongoing training program.  Alliant Communications' staff of highly trained Customer Service Representatives (CSR) will work with each customer to develop a training program designed to maximize the potential of your technology and your staff.

Prior to installation, the CSR assigned to your account will contact you to discuss the scope of the training and materials available to your staff. They will work with you to create an effective learning experience for your company.  Training usually consists of classes at your facility conducted in groups of approximately ten employees who all share similar job duties, or who will be using the same type of technology.  The functionality of the system will be thoroughly discussed, activation of various features will be demonstrated and employees will receive a hands-on operational experience. 

At Alliant Communications every system we install is designed with the customer in mind; to give them a competitive advantage in their market.

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